Main Conference Details

What is the cost of Main Conference Registration:

  • $2,600
  • Note: Cisco Learning Credits will not be accepted this year as payment.

What is included with Main Conference Registration:

  • Conference attendance Tuesday 22 Feb - Thursday 24 Feb
  • Total of 3 nights at Hilton Phoenix Resort: Check-in Monday, 21 Feb – Check-out Thursday, 24 Feb
  • Breakfast and lunch Tuesday 22 Feb, Wednesday 23 Feb, Thursday 24 Feb
  • 20+ hours of WLAN training & instruction
  • Networking opportunities throughout the event
  • Attendee welcome bag with free giveaways
  • Deep Dive hands-on training with related gear
  • Lots of opportunities for after-hours and early morning fun activities.


Main Conference Registration & Reception (evening before Main Conference begins): Monday evening, 21 February

  • **Be sure to check the schedule for actual times & locations
  • Arrivals | All Day:
    People will be arriving to the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak throughout the day and can check directly into their rooms when they arrive. Remember, that official check-in isn't until 16:00 (4 pm) - so come ready to be pleasant and kindhearted if your room isn't available when you first arrive. The hotel said, IF your room is ready and open they would be happy to get you in sooner.
  • Main Conference "Check-In"
    That evening we will have a #WLPC registration table set up in the Conference Center Lobby. There will be signs and Reception can point you in the right direction.

    ***If you miss us this first night - don't worry, we will be set up the next morning as well to help get you checked-in.
  • Main Conference "Reception" | Later that same evening:
    As soon as you check in with me, you are invited to hang out and buy yourself some food from one of the food trucks or a drink from one of the cash bars. This is always a great time as we kick off the conference.

Join us the evening before #WLPC for a fun evening with Food Trucks, cash bars, and 300 of your closest friends.

Day 1 & 2 of Main Conference: Tuesday, 22 Feb - Wednesday, 23 Feb

You can take a look at the actual agenda to see the rundown of the days. Basically the main sessions and Deep Dives will be going on all day Tuesday and Wednesday and we will have sessions until around noon on Thursday.

Presentations & Deep Dives

For those of you who are new to #WLPC the day is broken down into the following "blocks"

  • Main Sessions (55 minutes)
  • Shorts (30 minutes)
  • TEN Talks (10 minutes)
  • Deep Dives (6 hours of training spread over two days)

The different length presentations happen scattered throughout each day.

The Deep Dives happen Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after a day of presentations. You will be in the same Deep Dive you signed up for at registration both nights. Each Deep Dive takes both days and there are specific kits pre-purchased for you ahead of time, so there is no switching Deep Dives.

#WLPC After Hours

Both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, after conference officially ends for the day, we have opened up the facility to allow different vendors to host their own sessions. These are a chance to see what's new with the vendors. They always include free food and drinks and a lot of "bonus knowledge". They are free to attend and not required, but always a lot of fun. We will be announcing all the the vendor sessions at the conference and letting you know exactly where they are happening and when.

More late night fun

Beyond the vendor sessions there will also be hosting a retro game room, lego master build room, and the pub quiz night - More details to come on all the fun activities as well as the vendor sessions.

And for the early birds

Usually there are a variety of fun events, Be sure to check the schedule as more details will be added as we get closer the #WLPC. Past early morning events have been:

  • Yoga Class
  • Prayer Group
  • Running Group

Have an idea for an early morning event? Let us know.

Day 3 of Main Conference (Last Day): Thursday, 24 February

  • Final Day | Same morning Schedule as Wednesday & Thursday:
    We will be following the same basic morning schedule as the two previous days. We are ending with lunch this year to allow all our attendees who have to catch flights, etc not to have to miss anything.
  • Check Out of your room (conference is NOT over yet) | 11:00am
    If you are departing Friday you will need to officially check out of your room by 11:00. Because check out is before #WLPC ends, the hotel will provide safe storage for all our bags.
  • Close of Conference: 
    We will wrap things up with lunch this year. So after our closing session, you will grab some food and be on your way.
  • Lunch "To Go":
    Based on lots of feedback from our past attendees we decided to make our "exit" on the last day a little smoother and quicker for those you need to quickly get to the airport but don't want to miss out on all final presentations etc.