What Are The Deep Dives?

Ready for some hands-on fun?

On Tuesday and Wednesday after all the main presentations, we break out into classrooms where you will get to take a "deeper dive" in one of our many optional Deep Dives.

This year's Deep Dives are:

  • Pen Testing & Hacking Wi-Fi IoT
  • WLAN Pi Pro
  • Intuitibits Wi-Fi Toolset
  • Antennas 101
  • VxLAN for Wi-Fi Engineers
  • LoRaWAN Home Lan
  • Going Down the AI/ML Rabbit Hole
  • 3D Printing for WLAN Pros
  • Zero Touch Mobile Device Management
  • CAD for WLAN Pros
  • IoT Home Lab
  • Soldering Deep Dive
  • Setting up Your Own CBRS Network with Celona

Deep Dives are included with your Main Conference registration. You will only be able to participate in one Deep Dive. They each have limited capacity and are filled on a first come, first served basis. So you'll want to be sure to resister as soon as registration opens up on 15 December 8am PST.