Advanced Wi-Fi Security Boot Camp: Real-World “Defense Against the Dark Arts”

For several years, we have offered an "Introduction to Hacking/Pentesting” bootcamp. This year, we are getting serious. Our 2024 bootcamp will turn up the dial. Are you ready for the challenge?

  • Comprehensive Learning: You will learn comprehensive Wi-Fi security principles, covering the history of Wi-Fi security from WEP to WPA3-Enterprise with 192-bit encryption, and advanced Wi-Fi security concepts.
  • Practical Wisdom: As my sensei once said, "You have to know how to punch, so you can better block". You will learn the latest attacks and defenses, including updates from BlackHat and Defcon 2023.
  • Exciting Goals:
  • Learn multiple aspects of Wi-Fi security.
  • Attack WPA1/2/3 Personal and Enterprise (yes, I said Enterprise - and you thought you were safe!).
  • Advanced attacks will include: attacking Wi-Fi network weaknesses within PMKID's and Fast Roaming, EAP (with certificates), and WPA3.
  • Unique Experience: Come to the dark side for 3 days. Once you have touched the darkness, you will be better able to stay in the light!

Warning: We will get real deep and real serious VERY quickly. We strongly recommend you to have attended the previous WLPC Hacking Wi-Fi Boot Camp or Deep Dive, as a minimum. Additionally, S+, CEH, or Cisco security experience will be of great benefit.