Compact Network In A Box

Imagine a world where you could own a rugged box…and in that box, is just about everything you need to have an effective network.But, why would you want or need such a wonderful network in a box?

Perhaps you need a home lab on demand, one that can be set up and broken down rapidly, and with a relatively compact footprint. If this appeals to you…then this is your box.

What if you need a standalone network to test and break things, because if you do it live on the home network again…you are going to need a lawyer. If that describes you…have we got the box for you!

Or, maybe you are a fan of preparedness. If you’ve ever wanted a rugged, go-almost-anywhere network for any temporary use case, good or bad…this could be your box too. But….it can only be your wonderful box if you happen to register for this Compact Network In A Box deep dive!