Going down the AI/ML Rabbit Hole with a few good friends

Deep Dive

Even the most ardent AI skeptics are starting to realize that cloud and AI/ML are going to be part of deploying and operating networks in the future.

In this session, we will demystify all the AI/ML marketing hype and take a look at the AI/ML models being used in AIops.

You will meet and work with real data scientists who will walk you through the various machine learning models being used for such things as NLP, computer vision, anomaly detection, bad cable detection, internet speed test prediction and RRM for WiFi-6E.

And for those who want to continue the AI/ML journey after #WLPC, you will leave the class with a Jupyter notebook environment and a Mist access point.

For those who attended the last WLPC AI/ML session and looking to repeat, we will up level the discussion and not go as deep into the math.