Pen Testing & Hacking Wi-Fi & IoT Boot Camp

Boot Camp

***This is an update to our 3-day bootcamp which includes the latest and greatest Wi-Fi attacks and NOW also includes IoT attacks!

Kali Linux is the go-to operating system for the would-be pentester/hacker. It is a great platform to also learn Linux, as many tools and features are pre-installed. This Bootcamp is now bigger, better and freshly updated using latest techniques from Black Hat/DEFCON 2021.

Also this year we are including IoT pentesting/hacking.  This Bootcamp is updated with the latest attacks and hacks available.

In this Bootcamp, we will introduce the student to Kali Linux and Wireless/IoT Pentesting, starting from scratch, moving through basic attacks, right up to advanced attacks. The student will learn about security Pentesting and Hacking wireless and IoT  networks.

Students will be given a working Kali Linux platform to use and take with them (yes it’s yours FREE!), they will also be shown how to build their own platforms. We will discuss tools in Kali Linux designed for wireless that can be used to test network security and defense.

This is intended to be a Pentesting class for those interested in wireless and cybersecurity. This class is the all-in-one class that you have been looking for!

Even if you have attended before, there is enough new material to make it worth attending again!

***CWNA level wireless knowledge is assumed, but no security, hacking, or other wireless experience is necessary for attendees.