Real World Pentesting and Hacking for Wireless Devices Deep Dive

Discussion - Hacking & Protecting Wi-Fi

In this Deep Dive we will talk about the reality of security in Wi-Fi today. Forget the hype, this will get down to the truth.- How do I use WPA3?- Transition mode - is it evil, and will it bring about the end of the world?- Are hackers real? How do they work?- How easy is it to hack my Wi-Fi?- I use WPA3, so I am safe right?These and other questions will be discussed.

***Fall 2023 update - refreshed and updated from BlackHat and DEFCON 2023!!!

In 6 hours you will learn everything you need to know about Wi-Fi security and WPA3:

  • How it works (theory, and 4-way handshake)
  • How to attack it
  • How to defend it
  • When to use
  • When NOT to use it
  • Any pitfalls to be aware of