Ruckus Certified Wi-Fi Associate

The Ruckus Certified Wireless Associate (RCWA) bootcamp is intended for individuals looking to gain a new understanding of Ruckus wireless and wired platforms. At the completion of the course content, students will be able to sit for the RCWA exam (remote proctor, voucher included with the boot camp).

This boot camp will cover a range of topics that are included in the exam, including;

  • Wi-Fi basics
  • RUCKUS Controllers
  • RUCKUS technologies and features
  • RUCKUS Cloudpath and RUCKUS Analytics
  • How to design, deploy and troubleshoot a RUCKUS network
  • Administration, management and enhancing your network.

The intent of this course is for the individual to be prepared to take and pass the RCWA certification. Independent of the student’s interest in becoming RUCKUS certified, the goal of this bootcamp is to provide knowledge that will allow you to better and more confidently design, deploy, maintain and optimize your RUCKUS powered networks. We will dive into the RUCKUS controllers, along with platforms such as RUCKUS Analytics, CloudPath and IoT Insights.