Secure Wi-Fi Design and WPA3 Migration Deep Dive

We have almost 30 billion wirelessly-connected devices.

The hyper-connected enterprise, digital transformation programs, and reliance on availability mean wireless security is more critical now than ever.

This workshop walks network and security professionals through the planning and design of secure Wi-Fi, covering best practices for a range of industries and scenarios, and provides actionable guides and planners for segmentation and WPA3 migrations.

MODULE 1: Basic Concepts and Architecture

MODULE 2: Wi-Fi Security Suites

MODULE 3: Authentication and Authorization

MODULE 4: The 4-Way Handshake, Roaming, and Design Impacts

MODULE 5: Hardening, Testing, and Monitoring the Wi-Fi Infrastructure

MODULE 6: Planning, BYOD, and IoT

MODULE 7: Other Wireless Technologies

Content for Prague will be shaped based on attendees' interests and will include a hands-on component.