Setting Up Your Own CBRS Network with Celona

Deep Dive

From start to finish, attendees will get a chance to interact with Celona's cloud-hosted operations console, Orchestrator. They will be able to enable SIM cards on real devices, configure routing policies for different device groups, and integrate Celona's CBRS LTE access points and enterprise-ready mobile core with existing wired network resources.

Via Celona Orchestrator, they will be able to configure service level enforcement for latency, throughput, jitter and packet error rate metrics, and monitor key performance indicators across such metrics, across a variety of apps and devices.

Before the actual deployment and configuration of the Celona network, attendees will also interact with different RF design and planning tools from Celona and its ecosystem partners such as IBwave. This will be done to estimate the number of access points required for a CBRS LTE wireless networks, and to identify their ideal placement within an enterprise facility - given different facility scenarios, indoor/outdoor environments, application mix, total network capacity and device density requirements.

As part of the deep dive, differences between deploying indoor and outdoor CBRS LTE wireless networks will be discussed. Real-world test results from different environments will be shared with the attendees along with lessons learned and best practices.

In addition to receiving a t-shirt (unique design only for #WLPC21) and technical training certification by Celona, attendees will receive a free access key to a Certified Professional Installer (CPI) online certification course and exam. Note: CPI certification is required for any IT professional who is responsible for approving the installation of CBRS LTE wireless networks in their environment.

Looking forward to sharing with everyone what we have been up to since last year. 9-part video series from our #WLPC20 deep dive - "A-to-Z of LTE/5G wireless on the CBRS spectrum" - can be found at