Soldering Deep Dive

Deep Dive

Have you ever wished that you had the tools and skills to solder electronics?

In this Deep Dive, you’ll be equipped with all of the tools and training that you need to perform most through-hole soldering projects as well as basic surface-mount soldering.

By the end of the course, you’ll have soldered your very own Packet Potato, a unique electronic conference badge with a Wi-Fi chipset!Warning: Magnifying tools will be included, but steady hands and good eyesight are recommended.

Includes: (these or similar items depending on product availability)

  • Hakko 888-D Digital Soldering Station
  • Soldering Tools (PCB stand, tweezers, flush-cutters, etc)
  • Soldering Supplies (Desoldering braid, solder, etc)
  • Fluke Digital Multi-Meter
  • Surface-Mount and Through-Hole practice boards
  • Packet Potato Kit to Solder, Test, and Wear at The Conference!