VxLAN for Wi-Fi Engineers Deep Dive

Deep Dive

What's Included:

  • Desktop PC for testing Vx LAN

Class Description:

VXLAN is an open standard Layer 2 tunneling overlay that got its start in the Data Center.

With the success and ease of using VXLAN, more and more engineers see the same results of VXLAN in the campus network.

Now even APs can utilize this tunneling protocol! You will have everything you need to understand and deploy a VXLAN network, from terminology to control plane methods.

If you haven't already been exposed to VXLAN, it is only a matter of time when you will need it.We will get into EVPN. EVPN is by far the most popular control plane method for VXLAN. EVPN is an open standard in multi-protocol BGP.