Wi-Fi & 5G: Better Together or Just Chaos

Explore the synergy between Wi-Fi and Cellular networks!

We will look at how Wi-Fi works with both Public Cellular (Hotspot2.0, Passpoint, 802.11u) and Private Cellular (PCN, CBRS) networks. Looking into their differences and similarities with a focus on roaming capabilities between the two. We will use companies like American Bandwidth and Iquila to see how we can enhance the experience, as well as Hamina to help showcase design differences and similarities between the two.

As Bob often says, 'A good result requires good data just like a good wine needs good grapes!' Embracing this philosophy, our Deep Dive will conclude with a wine tasting—an opportunity to savor the knowledge we've acquired and foster discussions.

Every student will receive a Cellular/Wi-Fi capable tablet and various software to enhance their hands-on learning experience.

Meet your instructors: Robert Boardman, Bob Friday, Howard Buzick, and Ian Tearle, and stay tuned for the possibility of a surprise guest or two."