Wi-Fi 6E: It’s almost like Wi-Fi is being born again!

Main Session

Admittingly, many individuals are suffering from symptoms of Wi-Fi update fatigue. Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6, and naming conventions further distorted by 5G cellular marketing jargon. 802.11abgn, 802.11ac, 802.11ax… when does this alphabet soup madness end?

Despite the understandable fatigue, Wi-Fi 6E and the availability of 6 GHz for Wi-Fi communications is probably the most exciting thing to happen for Wi-Fi in the last 15 years. Wi-Fi 6E is not just a technical update; instead, it is a spectrum update.

This spectrum bonanza has just begun. This session will cover some of the real-world observations we have learned to date about Wi-Fi 6E and 6 GHz WLANs. And guess what? Wi-Fi 7 is on the horizon! It’s almost like Wi-Fi is being born again!