Wireless Adjuster

Boot Camp

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There is a large variety of WLAN analysis tools available in today’s market – many expensive and complicated. The Wireless Adjuster course is designed for WLAN engineers and technicians and focuses on WLAN best practice assessment/remediation and the first 80% of troubleshooting tasks. How many times have you been asked, “can you just take a quick look at my WLAN to see if any obvious problems stand out?” That process is an assessment. Of course, if you find problems during an assessment, a network adjustment may be needed to remedy the deficiency. Hence the name “Wireless Adjuster.”

If you have solved a WLAN problem with a WLAN scanner, not needing to use protocol analyzers, spectrum analyzers, RF site survey/design software, or other sophisticated tools, then you already know what this course is about. The difference is that this course includes advanced discussions and uses of WLAN scanners and others tool that directly integrate with them.

This course includes in-depth discussions and advanced-level uses of WLAN scanners and tools integrated with them. The Wireless Adjuster course will take your practical WLAN troubleshooting skills to an entirely new level of efficiency and accuracy.

The instructor will use WiFi Explorer Pro v3 (MacOS only) for instruction.

  • If you are using MacOS Catalina, please upgrade to the latest version (due to Wi-Fi bug fixes). If you are using a MacBook Pro 2018 (15-inch), contact me for additional information, as these models have WiFi hardware deficiencies.
  • Students who use Windows 10 may use WiFi Scanner for Windows or WinFi Pro Engineer (and Npcap), which meet the criteria for this course.
  • We also recommend that students who intend to use Windows-based scanners familiarize themselves with those scanners before class since the instructor cannot teach multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • Each of these three scanners have a 7-day, fully-functional trial. If you plan to wait until after the course to purchase the software, then please allow at least enough time during the 7-day trial for the completion of the course.

Wi-Fi networks can be complicated. The 802.11 protocol is complicated. Understanding how to use inexpensive WLAN scanning tools to quickly and efficiently assess and remediate the first 80% of WLAN connectivity, performance, and security problems will save your organization an enormous amount of time and money. This course pays for itself the very first time your WLAN experiences a problem due to best-practice misconfiguration. If you are a consultant, this course will make you more money than any other in the Wi-Fi market. In this course you will combine knowledge of the 802.11 protocol, RF spectrum, amazing new WLAN scanning tools, and detailed troubleshooting processes. This course is 75% lab time, uses the newest analysis tools, and guarantees to catapult you forward in WLAN troubleshooting in only two days.


  • Macbook running MacOS (very recent version) or a Windows-based laptop running Windows 10