World Peace Between 6G, Wi-Fi 7 and CBRS Before I Retire?

TEN Talk

The paint is still wet on 5G and WiFi 6e and we are already talking about 6G and Wi-Fi 7.

And to keep things interesting we have a new wireless kid on the block: CBRS and private cellular. In this session, we will take a look at the emerging use cases for CBRS / private cellular in the enterprise and where the global spectrum regulators are headed with making cellular spectrum available to enterprises.

And if CBRS is going to follow in the footsteps of unlicensed spectrum and Wi-Fi and become a must-have on par with Wi-Fi in the enterprise.

And we will look into 3GPP’s proposal for 6G and IEEE’s proposal for Wi-Fi 7 and see if we are headed to one happy roaming mobile internet family where all wireless technologies are welcomed: public cellular, private cellular, and private Wi-Fi.