CWNA 109 Version

This latest version of CWNA will be released in September 2023. By attending this class, you will be among the first in Europe to access the updated course.

The CWNA certification is a foundational wireless LAN certification for the CWNP Program. The course material used in class contains the following major topics.

Radio Frequency (RF)Technologies and Antennas

  • WLAN Regulations and Standards
  • WLAN Protocols and Devices
  • WLAN Network Architecture and Design Concepts
  • WLAN Network Security
  • RF Validation and Remediation

The 109 course is built on the108 course, with major updates on the following topics.

  • Built on latest 802.11 2020 standard.
  • Covers 802.11 ax and 6 GHz
  • Covers WPA3 security

Class includes official CWNP exam voucher and practice exams.