Sailing the Seven Seas of Wi-Fi Exploring the Depths of WiFi 7

Just as we get to grips with Wi-Fi 6E, we hear the murmurings of Wi-Fi 7. Indeed, Wi-Fi 7 is poised to be the next milestone in the Wi-Fi landscape, poised on our 2024 horizon. Leveraging the robust 6 GHz foundation laid by Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7 is speculated to deliver unprecedented wireless speeds of up to 33 Gbps with an impressive 5 ms latency. But is it wise to buy into all the buzz around Wi-Fi 7? And when’s the sweet spot to give your enterprise WLAN an upgrade? Delve into the world of Wi-Fi advancements with David Coleman as he demystifies Wi-Fi 7, explores potential enhancements such as Multi-Link Operation (MLO), 4K QAM modulation, static puncturing, and multi-RU, and provides an intriguing preview of Wi-Fi 8.