Rockstar Cisco 9800 V2

Cisco 9800 Rockstar is a course focused on Cisco's new 9800 series Wireless LAN Controllers, and of course the 9K Access points, and all the great tech that comes along with it such as Deployment options, HA, ISE, DNAC, MDM, WebAuth, Flex, Bridging and more.

Cisco 9800 Rockstar High-Level Outline

- What's new with Cisco 9800's

- Cisco 9K Product Line Review

- 9800 Platform Architecture & Internals

- Exploring Deployment Options & Scenarios

- Exploring Profiles & TAG’s

- AP Support & Features

- High Availability

- Upgrayedd Options

- Migrating from AireOS to IOS-XE

- Customizing RF Profiles

- Roaming & Mobility

- Optimizing User Experiences

- Enhancing Security

We show more than a dozen hand's on labs in this course using real Cisco 9K hardware, and software on the latest code. We do scenario-based labs providing students with a blueprint to follow during their deployments.